In the year 1922, Wilfred James, a basic agriculturist, however glad, plans to murder his better half for monetary benefits, persuading and young child to go to the horrible deed. Wilfred possesses 32 sections of land of land that had been in his family for ages. His better half keeps still 40 sections of land bordering her dad has willed. Wilfred rejects living in a residential area, however it isn’t because of Arlette of nation life and needs to move to Omaha, planning to pitch the land to a gainful organizations to be utilized as a pig homestead and slaughterhouse. In these conditions, Wilfred, who emphatically restrict his designs, Arlette, chooses to control it to Henry, his child, to enable him to slaughter his own mom. In the wake of conferring unforgivable act with the complicity of his child, and not what might Wilfred have never envisioned is that it will end the odd marvels and threatened by being assaulted by a gathering of rats, achieving the purpose of being persuaded that he is spooky by his dead spouse. The soul of the lady, joined by an unnerving armed force of rats, he comes back from the dead to assert retaliation.

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