24 Hours to Live

Travis Conrad is a previous first class warrior crushed by the current grievous passing of his better half and youthful child. Before long, his old companion from the armed force, Jim Morrow, shows up with an offer he can not deny Wine. Morrow now works for a solid military association and mystery “Red Mountain”, which utilizes a Travis death mission for exceptionally perilous however profoundly gainful. Travis mystery mission, yet acknowledges it takes an emotional turn when it is shot and killed by a specialist of interpol as adroit, Smoothly, even at the season of Bisset in which finds the objective. In any case, while everything appeared to be lost, Travis awakens in a cutting edge operation, his body back to life through a trial therapeutic methodology completed by the “Red Mountain”, which will at present offer 24 hours, amid which time Morrow to separate the area of the objective and just data on Travis ownership. Inside 24 hours, Travis has an opportunity to deliver retribution against the capable criminal associations, in charge of the murder of his better half and his child and to discover reclamation for his wrongdoings.

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