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600 Miles


600 Miles pursuing on Arnulfo Rubio, this is a low-level administrator in the exchange of arms carrying between the United States and Mexico. 600 miles demonstrates how weapons from United States land to bolster the infighting and extremist developments from Latin America, as seen through the eyes of the two primary characters of the film, what are the two inverse sides of the law: a little mexican dealer of weapons, and Arnulfo american ATF operator Rubio, Hank Harris, who is grabbed after a burglary turns sour. Arnulfo Rubio pirate weapons for a mexican cartel drove by the feared el Capi. ATF operator Hank Harris tries to catch him, yet touches base rather, to be captured by Rubio by utilizing his companion’s wrongdoing. Rubio takes him to his supervisors, yet amid the 600-mile venture, gradually, gradually, the two get to know …

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