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8 Remains

The youthful and wonderful Talli is choked by her sweetheart Damien on her birthday. Notwithstanding when time is going to pass on it stops and Talli ends up in a shadowy world, a twisted reflection of the real world. Come down with among life and terrible bug, Talli must remember the hours prior to her killing, for all the routes appear to lead her to Damien, the sweetheart who is her executioner. At the point when Talli is joined to him once more, he figures out how to battle with him sufficiently long to get away. She escapes through an entryway driving her more profound into the rabbit opening. Guided by the spirits of Damien’s unfortunate casualties, Talli slides into a limbo based on the feelings of trepidation and second thoughts of her past. It needs to confront this to endure.

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