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A Simple Favor

Stephanie, a vlogger who attempts to find reality behind the peculiar vanishing of her closest companion. Stephanie Ward, mother and vlogger, is the closest companion with the beguiling Emily Nelson, a housewife who has an exceptional inclination for custom suits and martini. At some point, Emily asks Stephanie to take her child from school, yet it vanishes bafflingly, and following quite a while of hunt she is at long last discovered dead. Attempting to loosen the riddle of her passing, Stephanie starts delving further into Emily’s insider facts, thinking about how well she knew her closest companion. Looking for reality, Sean, Emily’s better half, goes along with him, close by a story brimming with disloyalty and toppling. A Simple Favor (2018) is a spine chiller loaded with oversights and selling out, privileged insights and disclosures, love and reliability, murder and retribution.

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