After the Wedding

The chief of an Indian shelter nearly insolvency finds that his establishment is going to get a significant gift from a well off American agent. In urgent need of cash to keep the halfway house above water, Isabel evidently found the ideal supporter. Be that as it may, before she gets the cash, Elizabeth must head out to New York to meet the lady behind the future gift. Theresa is a multi-mogul who established and runs a fruitful media organization. She has all that she could need: a home away, a caring spouse, Oscar, and three kids. Be that as it may, when Isabel is unexpectedly welcome to Theresa’s little girl’s wedding, she finds an association that powers her to confront a past that she has done everything she can to overlook. These apparently detached universes are going to converge in an unforeseen and profoundly moving excursion that will everlastingly change the lives of all.

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