Depending on the cutting edge craftsman Wladyslaw Strzeminski’s life, the film catches the vitality, energy and outrage control, following the life of a man who declines to twist toward the official belief system, regardless of the possibility that it undermines the very presence of his. Strzeminski was a craftsman and educator engaging and appealling. His thoughts, uncovered in a book about the progressive craftsmanship is heading quickly towards the directs of Stalin, about what is useful for the majority: social authenticity and positivism. This is the dynamic that energizes the portrayal greatly convincing film, in regard of a person with high good norms, which are confronted with lack of interest and, soon, the outrage of the experts, resolved to get control over anybody making inquiries about the partisan principal. Strzeminski on edge is a drive of nature, revered by youthful era of understudies they instruct. The cutting edge craftsman Strzeminski battling with Stalinist conventionality and with his own particular physical deficiencies, so as to advance dynamic thoughts regarding workmanship.

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