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All the Devil’s Men

An abundance seeker occupied with the war on dread is compelled to go to London to discover an ex-CIA operator. Jack Collins, a previous maritime marine who has turned into an abundance seeker, watches psychological militants as a feature of CIA re-appropriating to other privately owned businesses. Before long, he is given the last opportunity to keep battling, being sent to London for a mission. There he is a piece of a three-man group whose mission is to them to follow a CIA faulted named McKnight, before it can get a WMD from Russian hoodlums and vanish. Together, Collins, Brennan, and Samuelson end up stuck in a urban vital battle with their previous associate, Deighton, and his private armed force, McKnight’s right hand, as insurance. The two sides battle keenly, and as unfortunate casualties and selling out develop on the two sides, Collins declines to be vanquished, attempting to a definitive hazardous.

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