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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


After the titanic battle against General Zod, it was wrecked to the ground Metropolis and Superman is the most disputable figure on the planet. While for some it is still a symbol of trust, a developing number of individuals think of it as a danger to humankind, looking for equity for the mayhem that conveyed them to Earth. As it respects Bruce Wayne is concerned, Superman is unmistakably a threat to society. He reasons for alarm for the fate of the world with such a heedless power left ungoverned, so he takes the cover and cape to compose Superman’s shameful acts. Enraged contention is energized by sharpness and retribution, and nothing can discourage them from wearing this war. Be that as it may, a dim new risk shows up as a third man: one who has more power than any of them and jeopardize world and causes absolute demolition!

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