Book Club

is a reasonable comic drama that demonstrates that life can begin again at any age. She pursues the lives of four great companions and the progressions that occur in their lives when their perusing club peruses “Fifty Shades of Gray”. Four ladies, four lifetime companions, are a piece of a perusing club that meets month to month. Diane has as of late been widowed following 40 years of marriage. Jane makes the most of her accomplice with no commitment. Sharon is as yet attempting to cross a separation for a considerable length of time, and Carol’s marriage is in an emergency following 35 years. Be that as it may, the life of these four companions is drastically changed subsequent to perusing the notorious “Fifty Shades of Gray,” which launches them into a progression of shocking decisions and choices. From the revelation of another sentiment, to the return of past love interests, they move each other to make the following part, the best section of their life.

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