Child’s Play

Chucky will come back to the big screen in the redo “A drop in the bucket”, a cutting edge adaptation of the outstanding tale about the “Buddi” executioner doll. Rather than being controlled by the spirit of a sequential executioner, as in the first establishment, Chucky’s vicious propensities are brought about by an imperfection in the toy’s customizing code. Kaslan Corporation has propelled another line of innovative dolls, known as “Buddi”. They are ending up increasingly more renowned around the globe, to the point of being viewed as an ideal present for kids. Furnished with computerized reasoning, Buddi is a magnificent play accomplice for kids and their closest companion. On the event of her child’s birthday, Karen Barclay chooses to give Andy the well known doll, without understanding the results of this choice. A breakdown will make the doll receive forceful and psychopathic conduct, setting off a ridiculous flood of passings in the city. A damaged manikin whose programming code was hacked, presently “Buddi” realizes no restrictions as far as savagery.

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