Cop and a Half: New Recruit

Each COP needs a dependable band together with which to have the capacity to do the missions endowed to it by the leaders of his various leveled bosses. On account of criminologist Simmons, he has an accomplice, after a timeframe was the star of the Police Department who worked until the point that the time in which his accomplice was kidnapped by hoodlums, and Simmons was reluctant to shoot when he had the possibility for fear not to hurt your accomplice. Be that as it may, in the life of analyst Simmons, shows up a young lady Karina Foley, a 12-year-old little girl of a previous policeman, and has acquired from her dad, the passionate longing to be in the administration of Justice and great. With all his refusal, Karina Simmons figures out how to enable him to take in a couple of pointers about înrăitul Bandit wrongdoer with identification, which influence police to snicker at each open door he has. Be that as it may, the couple Karina Simmons-not inclined, and will do everything possible to get him and roll out him the improvement negated their giggling police for so long.

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