Crooked House

In light of the novel by Agatha Christie, the film takes after investigator Charles Hayward, while is welcome to settle a frightful murder in which everybody is suspect, including Sophia, customer and his previous sweetheart. Charles and Sophia had met long prior in a removed place: Cairo, amid World War II. Presently, with the finish of the war, they met again in London, where he had been looking into the relationship and choose to wed. Here, Charles will find that his future spouse’s granddad, a Greek tycoon, with which the entire family lived in a puzzling chateau known as “The Twisted House” kicked the bucket harmed. The old man had ingested noxious substance, having somebody around him place her in ampoules of insulin to infuse them day by day. Notwithstanding, inquire about isn’t as straightforward as it appears, and nobody has a decent explanation. The circumstance makes Charles trust that the offender is likely somebody from the group of his life partner, made out of individuals exceptionally bizarre outsiders. Besides, even suspicious, and Sophia is the reason Charles chooses to research the case without anyone else.

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