Lauren Curran and her better half Russell move to “The Pinnacle,” a rich and present day flat complex with every one of the offices, including a best in class security framework. Lauren is a craftsman experiencing bipolar confusion and recuperating from an overwhelming individual catastrophe: losing a tyke. Tormented by irritating recollections and fears for her own wellbeing, Lauren is to some degree consoled by incorporated security frameworks. Be that as it may, she speculates that the private compound has a dull side, to Russell’s stress that he supposes he is envisioning things. Lauren is considering the organization that manufactured “The Pinnacle” and meets Vernon Sarsfield, an investigative writer intrigued by the digital connivance. Vernon trusts that “The Pinnacle” isn’t a loft complex by any stretch of the imagination, however an examination in which the occupants are the folks of a worldwide mentally programming arrangement. Lauren at first gives occasion to feel qualms about Vernon’s wellbeing, yet as he examines further, he discovers his own particular life in trouble.

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