Escape from Ensenada

A spring occasion is desiring understudies, and Lyndsey wants to leave with her beau Thad on a journey on the ocean. Be that as it may, Thad sells out her affection and swindles her with his previous sister. Overpowered, Lyndsey chooses not to lose her voyage tickets and welcomes her flat mate, Jenna, to participate in her fantasy journey. Jenna is an African South, hand to hand fighting pro and guns battle, and she keeps a considerable measure to her associate, Lyndsey. When he touched base in Mexico, the young ladies are kidnapped by a cartel managing live meat activity. The leader of the cartel, Eduardo Morales, is helped in his undertakings by his child, Javier. The two discover that Lyndesy’s dad, Roger, is a rich financier and chooses to profit not from offering the young ladies but rather from the recovery paid by Lyndsey’s dad. However, the arrangement in the reasonable does not coordinate that at home, as Roger is bankrupt and can not pay for the recovery. Salvation is currently in the hands of the two little girls, particularly as Jenna is prepared for combative techniques and scuffle battling, however will they defeat the Morales faction protects?

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