Escape Room

is a suspenseful thrill ride that pursues the narrative of six hostage outsiders in conditions outside their ability to control, who must utilize their insight to endure. Six individuals get secretive boxes at their entryways, set apart as need mail. All cases contain a little 3D square with directions. Signs send them to Minos Escape Rooms, an organization that guarantees a difficult experience that calls for knowledge. In any case, the organization drops off the experience offered, turning into an unexplained maze world, made out of a progression of many-sided riddles and an ever increasing number of frightening customized cameras. In this diversion, any mistake is lethal. The six outsiders have more than they put stock in sharing as they find an association that could unite them in this ruffian amusement. The circumstance goes past comprehension and they need to utilize all their inventiveness to discover answers and escape this amusement alive.

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