From the Land of the Moon

Gabrielle originates from a little town in the South of France and from a period when her fantasy of genuine romance is viewed as outrageous and even an indication of madness. The development in the rural bourgeoisie, her folks wedded with José, a ranch laborer, legit, capable and Spanish significant other, about which I think will make a respectable lady with every last bit of it. you’re devotion gives José, Gabrielle guarantees that she will never cherish him and live as a detainee requirements of traditional society after the second world war until the day it is sent away to a warm treatment in the Alps, keeping in mind the end goal to cure kidney stones. In these conditions, it meets André Sauvage, a Lieutenant injured in the war in Indochina, which restore in her critical need to love. It guarantees that they will run together, and André appears to share her longing. This time, Gabrielle needs to seek after his fantasy no matter what. Will she have the capacity to experience the affection we shut the distance?

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