Fullmetal Alchemist

The Metal Alchemist’s story happens in China toward the start of the twentieth century, when speculative chemistry was valid, was rehearsed on a vast scale and regarded. Ed and Al, the two siblings of the Eric family, are two little chemists endeavoring to spare their dead mother, yet their endeavor to revive it flops subsequent to attempting the illegal procedure of human transmutation, and they need to hold up under the results. Them two endure, with the goal that Al is losing his body, and his sibling, his left foot. In any case, Ed chooses to forfeit his correct arm to give his sibling a covering with the goal that it is noticeable and ready to go. Ed is given mechanical metal prostheses to supplant his leg and arm, in this manner getting the name of the Metal Alchemist. This is the explanation behind their central goal of searching for the Philosopher’s Stone that will give it back to one body and alternate appendages. However, their main goal will be neither straightforward nor simple, as there are powers that attempt to keep them in the way and shake their central goal, doing everything possible to avoid them.

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