Future World

In a dystopian world, where water and oil have vanished for quite a while, a sovereign of the Oasis, outstanding amongst other known safe heavens, must wander into an intense trip through the vicious and crushed world “Badlands “, Seeking a solution for his diminishing mother. In a desert garden, the ruler is kicking the bucket, while her child goes along the dry grounds and scattered to discover an about mitic solution, wanting to spare his mom’s life. In the wake of staying away from rough aggressors on cruisers drove by Warlord and his correct hand, Tattooed Face, the ruler meets Ash, professional killer and Warlord’s robot accomplice who is searching for his own particular soul. While the young fellow is caught by Druglord, Warlord’s powers are loud, and the ruler battles to spare the last leftovers of humankind.

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