Gerald’s Game

While endeavoring to revive the marriage, a lady all of a sudden should battle for survival, when her better half kicked the bucket all of a sudden amid a sensual amusement. In a detached lodge and handcuffed at the leader of the bed, Jessie is vulnerable in result of the amusement sexual grim of Gerald, the man with whom he lived for a long time, and which lies on the floor beside the bed. Battling with yearning and thirst, and blockaded by the phantoms of the past, Jessie understands that the truth is more unnerving than the ugliest bad dream of hers. It must battle for his survival, while encountering dull past since a long time ago covered the devils in her brain, a ravenous pooch and a secretive man named “The Vaquero of Space”. As time passed, the lady understands that sparing is only an idea without trust, starting to slip into franticness, as the voices of her head is showed in dreams.

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