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A mother and her two little girls acquire a house. Be that as it may, on her first night, the executioners show up and the mother needs to battle to spare her little girls. After the passing of his close relative, Colleen and his two little girls, they acquire her home. Beth, the more seasoned little girl, is independent and modest, discovering solace in the stories she imagined in the books she composes, while Vera, the more youthful sister, is significantly more open and fearless. Notwithstanding, amid their first night in this house, some greatly brutal interlopers enter with drive inside, and Colleen must battle to spare the lives of her little girls. On this to a great degree horrible night, the entirely unexpected identities of young ladies are much more extraordinary. After sixteen years, Beth turns into a superstar loathsomeness author with a family and ideal life in Chicago, while Vera can not adapt to the circumstance and stalls out in a damaging distrustfulness that clairvoyantly awkward nature her. At last, girls and moms rejoin at the house where Colleen Vera still live, however bizarre occasions start to occur. By what method will they deal with the debilitating circumstance?

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