Good Time

After the burglary of a bank fizzles the unwary, Connie Türker figures out how to get away, however his sibling, Nick, is captured. While Connie tries to gather the store to discharge his sibling, another choice is offered: to enable him to get away. Along these lines, in the wards of New York City, starts a difficult night under adrenaline. In these conditions, Connie in a begins a risky Odyssey through the black market of the city, in an endeavor by the undeniably edgy to indicate it to his sibling from jail. Along a solitary evenings brimming with adrenaline, it plunges into unglued savagery and turmoil, while is in a race against time to spare his sibling and himself, realizing that their lives are at a tipping point. By what method will end the insane race to Connie?

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