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Hell Fest

Natalie, a youthful understudy, visits her best beloved companion, Brooke, and her flat mate, Taylor. On the off chance that there were some other snapshot of the year, their three companions and companions could have set out toward a show or bar, yet it is Halloween, which implies that, similar to every other person, they will take a hike Fest, a great amusement park brimming with back streets, diversions and mazes. Consistently, a huge number of individuals take an interest in Hell Fest to encounter fear in this horrendous jamboree. Nonetheless, for a guest, Hell Fest isn’t a fascination, it is a chasing ground, a chance to execute in seeing a group of people also got in the awful delight climate, to perceive the horrible reality that unfurls before their eyes . As the quantity of slaughtered bodies keeps on developing with the unglued eagerness of the group, the executioner guides his veiled face to Natalie, Brooke, Taylor and their companions who will battle together to endure the awful night.

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