scandalous and notorious gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok tries to get away from his past by setting in the residential area in Abilene, Kansas. The Mayor, enthralled by the uncommon capacities of his gunfighter Wild Bill, offers him an occupation as Sheriff of the city with the errand to tame the most wild west town. While brings their own particular image of wilderness equity, the notorious notoriety of the quickest shooter in the West is not kidding. His endeavors to ensure the city are coming soon, when a pack of hoodlums debilitate him on Wild Bill and the laws which they controlled. Among the heroes incorporate the powerful Phil Poe, whose association with the ex of his Bill, called the strain. Poe puts an abundance on its head, yet with the assistance of Lawrence Hardin, Wild Bill chooses to battle bandițiilor and spare the city from peril.

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