A young fellow, Justin Powell, is being undermined with a gun and two veiled men dragged down to a separated bungalow. This isn’t a customary snatching in light of the fact that his family was away lies the cabin sitting tight for her entry. Made out of his dad Justin, Andrew’s mom, Kathy, sibling Campbell and ex Samantha (who had as of late brought forth their kid), Justin’s family battling for his discharge from the hand of the individuals who mentally programmed him, a horrendous organization. With the assistance of Jimmy Levine, a specialist of any sort, religious family will do everything conceivable to take him back to Justin. It takes an alternate turn when the group (a criminal band of covered men and ladies selected jackals) dive from the house by asking it on Justin back. Rough clash is approaching, family loyalties are tried and depletes the blood in a battle where few go out victors.

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