Just Getting Started

Duke is the unusual supervisor of an extravagance resort in the desert town of Palm Springs, known as Villa Capri. It’s Christmas in the desert, and life is simple for Duke: invest energy playing golf and poker with companions and having some good times in the organization of wonderful women. Duke is the most sultry man in the territory, until the point when previous Leo arrives and debilitates to end up the new alpha man. At the point when the territorial chief Suzie shows up in the scene, there is an opposition amongst Duke and Leo for alpha male status and also for her warmth. Yet, what starts as an inviting contention for Suzie’s heart ends up genuine when Duke’s past comes back to frequent him, and Suzie is captured. Setting aside contention, Duke and Leo meet to spare Suzie to stop the individuals who attempt to execute the Duke and furthermore to endeavor to spare Christmas at Villa Capri.

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