A true to life film about the innovator and originator of little arms Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov and the long and troublesome excursion he took to make the amazing weapon AK-47 at the age of 28, a weapon that is an image today.

Grade too low for this movie. People who don’t like Russians probably saw the movie first. It is a pity that the supreme merit for the creation of Kalashnikov was not attributed to the one who needed it, when he was still alive. Given that when Mikhail created this weapon, it was communist times, the Russians attributed the merit of creating this weapon to the Russian people, along with Mikhail Kalashnikov, not to him personally. In the film, this story is not presented, realistic to the end. Late after his death, the Russians realized their mistake and did what needed to be done for a long time: They gave him post-mortem I don’t know what degree and officially recognized him as the one who created this functional weapon. in any conditions. It’s better later than never! Ps: Very nice, Kremlin. I would love to visit it!
The film deserves at least a grade of 9. I didn’t notice any mistakes. And the actors play well and to the point, as if the camera is not present there! Thanks for the movie!

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