Kung Fu Traveler

In 2147, an outsider race attacks the earth, butchering individuals and denying land of its wealth. The world’s armed forces have come to oppose outsider occupation, however the main army installation fit for restricting outsider hostility is the one in southern China. Chen Hu, chief of the base, takes note of that the weapons have no impact on the intruders, however they can be crushed by utilizing kungfu skirmish battling procedures. Yet, Hu’s abilities are not any more high, so it is chosen to send a robot to the past with the assistance of time machine to learn antiquated kung fu methods, to embed them into a chip that will at that point be repeated brought into the armed force of quake robots. The robot achieved this assignment is A Jien, a humanoid who has an indistinguishable highlights from chief Hu, and is sent 200 years in the past to take in the kung fu style in the south from Master Zhou Chenlin. The arrangement appears to be straightforward, yet its acknowledgment will demonstrate as troublesome, so hazardous.

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