Light of My Life

At night, in a tent in the timberland, a dad recounts to his kid a story. What from the outset appears to be pure ends up being a remarkable circumstance: in this post-pandemic world, the dad gives it his best shot to ensure his girl, Rag. In a whole-world destroying world, where the female populace was as of late killed by a compromising infection, Rag is one of only a handful couple of female survivors. To maintain a strategic distance from the catch of Rag, the pair is identified with a migrant life in the wild. In any case, when the depleted pair is shielded by three older folks, a potential surrogate family shows up seemingly within easy reach. In any case, this is a urgent and brutal world, and the little proportion of harmony the parent and kid find is before long lost. As the dad battles to secure his little girl, their bond and mankind are tried.

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