Teddy Bear is an extreme guilty party attempting to get cash from offering organs from the individuals who are slaughtered without anyone else’s input or others. The film’s interest starts when Clarity, a director of an inn that hosts unlawful settlers, swings to Teddy for a kidney, required by her significant other, Dan. In his abomination, Teddy persuades her that his girl, Kaylee, whom he had sold after birth, is the ideal fit for Dan, and his kidney require. In any case, Kaylee is hitched to the feared Monstrou, and conveys his kid in his womb. To achieve his merciless arrangement, Teddy approaches two different managers, his bookkeeper, Keith, and the green bean out of prison, Randy. Both of them will do their best to serve Teddy, however Monstruo and Clarity will likewise do their best to spare Kaylee.

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