In M3gan, we follow a young girl named Cady, whose parents are killed in a car accident and is left in the care of her Aunt Gemma, a roboticist at a high-tech children’s toy company in Seattle. Gemma works on development called M3GAN, a humanoid robot, designed to help the child and be companion for them. But after a test that went wrong, the project was cancelled. With no connection to her niece and always being a workaholic, Gemma gifts M3gan to her niece after she wants the “doll”. The finished model is paired with Cady, and convinces the company of the project’s potential success after observing M3GAN’s interactions with Cady. As time passes, M3gan ends up becoming more independent and moving around the house without any orders, as well as killing anything she deems a threat to Cady. But the days pass and M3gan may seem more of a threat to Cady and Gemma than imagined.

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