The film pursues the narrative of a forlorn lady who, in the wake of getting to be companions with a gathering of youngsters, starts to uncover her actual goals. At some point, Maggie, the new adolescent around the local area, asks an outsider to get some liquor for her and her gathering of companions. Sue Ann purchases youngsters a beverage, yet additionally offers the storm cellar of her home as a gathering place. In any case, they should consider some significant conditions: somebody must not expend liquor at the gathering and nobody is permitted to ever go upstairs. As youths use Sue Ann’s cellar and even call her “Mama,” as she wishes, peculiar and awful occasions start to happen. At the point when Ma’s cordiality starts to transform into a fixation, what starts as a high school dream transforms into a startling bad dream, and her house is changed from the best place in the city to the most noticeably terrible spot on Earth.

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