takes after the account of Red Miller, a destroyed man who chases a religious faction that yielded the adoration for his life. In 1983, some place in the crude wild close to the Shadow Mountains, Red Miller experienced passionate feelings for the beguiling Mandy Bloom. The two untouchables lead an adoring and tranquil presence in a confined bungalow in the woodland. Nonetheless, the existence that Red has constructed is all of a sudden and startlingly broken when a rough band of sectarians and otherworldly animals puncture its ideal heaven with severe fierceness, rapeing its affection and abandoning it to nothing. A man crushed and frequented by catastrophe, Red currently lives just for a certain something: to chase down these insane people and get exact retribution as fast as could reasonably be expected. After his life was pulverized by an abhorrent love driven by the cruel person Jeremiah Sand, Red is slung into a dreamlike voyage brimming with ridiculous reprisal.

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