Misfortune aka Blood Money

What might you do on the off chance that you discover four satchels burduşite? That happened to those three companions, Lynn, Jeff and Victor, who went into an end of the week trip through the forested mountains encompassing the city. The cash lost by a law breaker dealer, have been found by the three in the bed of a mountain stream, while Victor’s the main offering cash and giving over specialists ‘ declaration of the discover, much to the mistake of the other two. Lynn, his eagerness transforms on his three companions into foes, after Victor chooses it’s smarter to go home and leave the two to deal with how would I with sacoşele with cash. Before long he gives your nose with any activity that understands that Victor and his companions know about his cash, and attempt to recuperate. So begin a followup, a round of feline and mouse amongst Miller and expedite the three young fellows, which will prompt unanticipated and snapshots of dramatization, which will place you in the endless want for adjust, and regard for the law and the cash earned through work.

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