After a fizzled mission prompts his armed force, the previous Marine Corps, Jake O’Neil, is attempting to adjust to regular citizen life. Jade Roberts, her previous youth sweetheart, looks for help to find reality behind her dad’s strange passing, and Jake consents to encourage her, yet is immediately entangled in a system of defilement, murder and seizing that paves the way to a senior individual from the legislature, the compelling and undermining Harold Archibald. After one of Archibald’s covert operatives advises him about O’Neil’s contribution and the proof he has picked up against him, he grabs Jade and holds her prisoner to recovery. Conquering his own devils debilitating to thump him down, Jake is focused on kicking Archibald unequivocally and sparing Jade. Showing outrageous threat and brutality, dwarfed and pitifully outfitted, Jake must choose the option to go to the wolf baroid to spare his cherished sweetheart and attempt his odds of battling.

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