Rupert, Rupert & Rupert

Robert Lindsay is a 32-year-old entertainer who is urgent to state, yet whose endeavors are undermined by what he supposes involves rage. The tranquilizers he takes to avoid his uncontrolled upheavals decrease his acting execution. That is the reason he didn’t take 36-hour meds when a youthful and egotistical executive raises a tryout. A heartless identity ascends to Rupert and releases the ruin. At the point when his specialist hears an upheaval, he expels him, and Rupert acknowledges he has an association with his foolish conduct. Take a gander at an analyst named Angus who is attempting to get into Rupert’s concealed mind. Angus sees three distinct identities in his new customer and realizes that it will require investment to enable Rupert to locate a superior method to manage them.

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