Peacefulness pursues the strange story of Baker Dill, the commander of an angling vessel that lives on a little island in the Caribbean and whose past is going to devastate his tranquil life, and to cast him into another reality where nothing is the thing that it is by all accounts. Dill is the chief of a watercraft that visits around the Caribbean, a peaceful tropical heaven. In any case, his peaceful life is shaken when his ex, Karen, lands with a urgent requirement for help, looking for asylum for herself and her child. She requests that Dill spare her from the maltreatment of her new rough spouse, both herself and her child. Realizing that the present spouse does not know Dill, she proposes a horrible arrangement: to murder him by tossing him to the sharks. Karen’s appearance pushes Dill into a life he’s been attempting to overlook, and as he battles to pick among great and underhandedness, his reality is dove into another misleading reality, which isn’t what he appears.

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