Billy Batson is a 14-year-old, stranded, relative and prepared to move to his new home with the Vazquez family and the five other youngsters they care for. At some point, going by tram, Billy winds up transported to another domain, where an antiquated wizard enables him to transform into a grown-up hero, articulating “Shazam!”. Past his amazing physical appearance, the hero Shazam still has the core of a youngster, and with his superpowers, he has a fabulous time as any adolescent did. Shazam endeavors to test the breaking points of his capacities with the foolhardy delight of a youngster. In any case, Billy and his new sibling, Freddy Freeman, need to comprehend what his new powers are and how to utilize them to stop Dr. Thaddeus Sivana from utilizing his very own malicious forces.

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