Sherlock Gnomes

Elves and Giulia, the popular nursery worker, procure a world-well known analyst: Sherlock Gnomes to explore the puzzling vanishing of garden adornments. In the core of London, Gnomeo and Juliet find the garden dwarves vanish bafflingly. To understand the puzzle of missing little persons, the young fellow chooses to look for assistance from a British legendary analyst: Sherlock Gnomes, “the best fancy investigator”. In any case, quickly, Gnomeo, Juliet and their companions will understand that Sherlock isn’t such a decent criminologist as his human partner, and soon the danger to the garden elves will turn out to be considerably more noteworthy. Despite the fact that everybody will unite to discover who is behind the dwarves, the issues of their little world will wind up greater and greater.

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