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Some place in Tokyo, Osamu Shibata and his better half, Nobuyo, live in neediness. While Osamu gets intermittent employments and Nobuyo has an ineffectively paid activity, the family depends vigorously on her grandma’s annuity. A couple with wrong livelihoods, they utilize the burglary of robbery to endure. After a burglary session, Osamu and his child meet a young lady wide open to the harshe elements, Yuri. In spite of the fact that at first they are hesitant to suit her, Osamu’s significant other later chooses to deal with her subsequent to finding the troubles she faces. In spite of their tricky accounts, they embrace it casually. In spite of the fact that the family is poor, scarcely enough cash to endure, they appear to live joyfully together until an unexpected episode uncovers concealed insider facts, testing the ties that join them.

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