Someone Great

Jenny Rodriguez, a yearning writer, has quite recently secured her fantasy position at a well known magazine and is going to move to San Francisco. Nonetheless, there is a halt: the 9-year association with her beau is in question. Evidently, he is certainly not a major devotee of leaving New York, and as opposed to shake his life and pursue her to San Francisco, he chooses to leave. To deal with her broken heart, Jenny assembles her best two companions, Erin and Blair, for an essential last experience in New York City. To capitalize on their last minutes together, Jenny and her two companions are arranging a last experience before Jenny goes west while every one of them endeavors to get away from the old propensities or connections and grasp the change. Somebody Great (2019) is a diverting and significant anecdote about adoration, misfortune, development and the unceasing obligation of ladylike companionship.

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