The Adventurers

Gaia is an extremely profitable neckband, made out of three divergent pieces in various properties. A pack of criminals extremely skilled are resolved to take the jewelry and reestablish Gaia, with a quick enhancement. The Chief of these cheats is Zhang Dan, crisply discharged from jail where he had been confined for a long time for taking one of the three melodies that include the Gaia. Together with his buddy, prestigious programmer Po, Zhang plotting the robbery of the two sections of the accessory, at a bartering where it is uncovered available to be purchased. The overthrow, in any case, would not have prevailing without the assistance of another extremely skilled, Red thiefs Ye, who persuades the two that should make the group with them. To finish the accessory, you should take the last piece, which is in the private responsibility for Law, in its super Castle towns. In any case, the round of affection, disloyalty and second thoughts will influence things to take an unforeseen turn, which will make the police assessor Pierre, by the French

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