The Amazing Maurice

Mauricinho (Marcelo Adnet) is a talking cat who travels from city to city selling his rat extermination business. But he’s also a trickster, selling his feline skills to trick the people who hire him. He doesn’t do this all alone. Together with his partner Kinho, a magical pied piper, they summon a horde of rats and lead them out of town. Once the “job” is done and the reward money is in his paws, he shares it with Kinho and…the rats. Rats, too, are not just any kind of rodents, since they speak, dress and live in a paradisiacal community with the money they make with Mauricinho and Kinho. Everything goes well until they decide to hit the town of Bad Blintz, where they meet a girl obsessed with books, Marina, who takes them on an adventure to solve a big mystery in the city.

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