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The Escape of Prisoner 614

The film’s move makes put in the 1960s, when a neighborhood sheriff was worn out on the absence of execution of his two partners, Jim Doyle and Thurman Hayford, who neglected to make any capture in all long periods of working for him, and chooses to flame them in the expectation of other more skilled assistants. While the two are discharging their office, they get a call from the adjacent jail chief, who discloses to them he has gotten away from a detainee who has been found in their purview. So the two choose to attempt to catch the got away in their push to quell their employments back and rejoin the sheriff’s graces. Their endeavors don’t begin well, yet by one means or another they figure out how to get the escape, who cases to have gotten away from jail since he is blameless of the wrongdoing for which he was indicted. From here, the three have a long exchange on the nature of the detainment, and the two previous sheriff’s partners will endeavor to demonstrate that Prisoner 614 is pure and should be free.

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