The Good Liar

The film depends on Nicholas Searle’s tale, The Good Liar (2019), which follows the account of an expert trickster, Roy Courtnay, who thinks he has the ideal objective when he meets Betty McLeish, a rich widow on the web. After a long criminal profession, Elder Roy meets a guileless widow while perusing a web based dating website. What Roy doesn’t know is that the lady herself has a mystery past that can agitate her arrangements. As Betty opens her spirit and entryway to the house, the two offer the apparently tranquil existence of a resigned couple. Be that as it may, what shocks Roy is that he starts to create affections for Betty, transforming what ought to be a trick into the most hazardous selection of his profession. What ought to have been a light trick turns into the most sensitive strategic will put his whole vocation in question, making him reevaluate as long as he can remember.

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