The Great Battle

Toward the finish of the 600th, amid the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese sovereign Taizong attempted to overcome Goguryeo, a Korean promontory kingdom. Between Taizong, with its 200,000 officers, and the capital of Goguryeo, is the Ansi stronghold, which is protected by Yang Manchun, viewed as the backstabber of the commanders of Goguryeo, and his moderately little armed force of just a couple of thousand. Manchun has minimal possibility of confronting the colonialist aspirations of Taizong and the Chinese state. What’s more, that is by all account not the only issue with Manchun. His industrialist equal, General Yeon, sent a professional killer, a cadet, to the youthful Sam’s local of Ansi, to suggest himself in the Manchun circle and kill him.

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