The Ground Beneath My Feet

Lola is a specialist with forceful strategies and an occupation that expends her constantly. Her routine incorporates nights at the workplace, supper with customers at upscale eateries and a couple of hours rest in clean lodgings. Moving toward the age of 30, Lola is lovely, goes to the rec center and has an effective profession. Lola deals with her own existence with the equivalent merciless proficiency she has at work. She is keeping her association with her chief, Elise, mystery, and has not told anybody that she has a more established sister, Conny, who has a psychological instability. In any case, when she discovers that her sister attempted to murder herself, Lola’s insider facts take steps to uncover. As she attempts to give a valiant effort for Conny without jeopardizing all her work, her world starts to disintegrate.

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