The Last Witness

The film’s activity in light of genuine certainties happens in England in 1947 in the grieved a long time after the Second World War and introduces the endeavors of a youthful writer named Stephen Underwood to research a progression of suicides of previous Polish war detainees who it may not be suicide. He chances his entire vocation and even his life in the examination that leads him to uncover the personality of a Russian outcast who cases to be a Polish detainee and his connections to cover one of Stalin’s most frightful wrongdoings by Western governments. The proof of this murder, to be specific the slaughter of 22,000 Poles at Katyn, is on the plan of a youthful Polish, a motivation that goes into Stephen’s hand and needs to achieve the baffling Russian outcast and discover every one of the points of interest of the Katyn slaughter consequently ascribed to the Germans. The mystery of the slaughter requested by Stalin has been saved for a long time, and he knew all the Western governments, yet all together not to disturb Stalin, they didn’t uncover anything to people in general, however reality dependably becomes visible.

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