The Padre

A little hooligan known as The Padre, endeavoring to dispose of the long arm of the law in Colombia, yet in addition of the previous Sheriff Nemes, who helped neighborhood policeman Gaspar, is behind the con artist for individual reasons. Tired in a residential area, he figures out how to take an auto he keeps running with, yet he has the astonishment to find that in the back seat of the auto, there is likewise the little Lena of 16, a vagrant who lives like him from the little tricks he do with credulous vacationers. Father declines to begin tolerating the organization of Lena on her outing, however the cash that Lena has assembled from her little tricks persuade him not to forsake her out and about. After some little robberies conferred together, Lena shares her arrangement for an ill-equipped theft, a brilliant glass that is in her halfway house church where she grew up. The two arrangement the enormous theft, yet did Nemes and Gaspar surrender their interest, or the tempest of the old sheriff will prompt an unforeseen end?

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