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The price of fame – La rançon de la gloire

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On the banks of Lake Geneva are a small Swiss city, Vevey. The late ’70s. On leaving jail, Eddy – a Belgian aged forty, knowledgeable criminal – is predicted by his good friend, Osman. The two make a pact: Eddy will reside at Osman, nevertheless, should maintain his daughter S years previous, whereas her mom is within the hospital. It’s Christmas, however poverty in struggling all makes Eddy to be extra fiercely than it was. One day, on tv saying the demise of Charlie Chaplin together with his wealth fabulous information. Eddy will get an loopy concept: What would occur if they might steal the physique of the good actor and would then ask household redemption? Inspired by true occasions, the movie embroidered on the idea’s daring resuscitation Chaplin. A Chaplin whose soul begins to own the 2 misfits till their journey turns into a narrative worthy of the good Charlie Chaplin himself.

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